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​You're here to read the story of Adrian so lets begin like most autobiographies. I was born on a warm spring morning in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...


But I don't think you're here to read the play-by play of my life so, let's get down to what matters for someone looking to beyond the conventional in a professional investment advisor. I'll mesmerize you with the standard financial industrial complex fluff in a moment.


If you haven't already, you'll soon notice I like to do things differently. So, let's start with my bottom line first - how am I different than the other investment professionals?


For one, I dig deeper to get to know you - your now, how you got here and where you're headed. That way, I can put myself in your investment shoes to best direct your portfolio as if your goals and aspirations were my own.


Secondly, I don't eat what the investment Ivory Tower serves up. I like to do my own research and so employ strategies outside of those found in mainstream investment practices.


OK, and now, if you're still interested in learning about my "back story" and how I got here, read on.

By all accounts, my enthusiasm for collecting and trading sports cards in my youth kick started my fascination with the world of money, markets and investments. During my formative years of growing up in Edmonton, I compounded this fascination with budding interests in global history, political affairs and economics.


But my life's direction was finally sealed when, as a boy in my late elementary school years, my parents enrolled my brother and me in a weekend introductory investing course at a local office of a multinational investment management company.


Fast forward to 2003, graduate of the University of Alberta, with Distinction, and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in hand. That, after having spent five years studying a mix of international finance, economics, history and business law along the way.


After taking some time to travel in 2004, I soon began my career in the fast paced banking business, my experiences taking me from the front lines of a branch teller line to private desks advising clients with net worth ranging from below zero to tens of millions of dollars.


​But 2004 also thrust me into dealing with the passing of my father, leaving my brother and me to help our mother get financially organized and educated. This dark time helped fortify my enthusiasm for all things money, markets and investments. I just didn't know it at the time.


Along my professional journey, I added further education and accreditations to my investment managing repertoire, including the prestigious Fellow of CSI (FSCI) credential, as well as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), and Certified Estate Advisor (CEA) designations.


I'm currently licensed as a Registered Representative through the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC - pronounced "I ROCK"), enabling me to provide investment advice in Alberta, including guidance and trading in option strategies.

Last but certainly not least, while I work for my extended financial family, I live for my family of four. I love spending time with my wife, daughter and son, either at home or on adventures near and far. With any little spare time remaining, I am either slicing up a golf course or immersing myself in a thought-provoking book or movie.

If you'd like to learn more, let's have a coffee and share our stories.

Together to the pinnacle,

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